It holds La Mancha inside

bullet One Ingredient

Our olives are harvested in the heart of Spain: La Mancha from certified organic groves.

bullet Organic

Our olive groves are dedicated to ORGANIC cultivation and have the official Certification of the CAAE institution.

bullet Non GMO

Sancho obtained the Non GMO badge which certificates that no one of our products have been genetically modified.

bullet Gluten Free

Sancho EVOO it's 100% derived from the olive fruit which contains no gluten. That means you can enjoy it if you’re on a gluten free diet.

bullet No Additive

Sancho EVOO is a pure olive oil cold extracted following a scrupulous production process and only by mechanical processes.

bullet Unique eye-catching bottle

Content and container become a unique and perfect product. That’s why we say “Olive outside. Oil inside”

glass bottle of sancho with la mancha inside

Quality with Designation of Origin

From La Mancha, a wonderful region in the very heart of Spain, where time still flows slowly as in the past. The place where the myth of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, his faithful squire, became famous all over the world thanks to the creative mind of Cervantes, one of the most important writers of spanish literature.

From a land of traditions where quality of life is still ruled by season change and nature. Where gastronomy is still not contaminated by modern life and consumption. A landscape made by vast olive groves where Extra Virgin Olive Oil is still produced with the same unchanged procedures as it was at the times of Cervantes.

Inspired by all of this I had the idea to take the OLIVE itself, with its pure and rounded shape, and with a simple gesture, transform it into a bottle which could contain the whole spirit of this culture. Content and container become a unique and perfect product. That’s why we say “Olive outside. Oil inside”

logo campo de montiel

All stages of cultivation, collection and production of our EVOO are strictly regulated by the DOP, including a code of conduct and good agricultural practices.

Only those oils that pass a rigorous selection can be labeled under the exclusive seal of the CAMPO DE MONTIEL PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN.

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Organic Ingredients

olive oil analisys
logo usda organic

None of our products have been genetically modified.

logo canada IOOC

Our variety Sancho Picual and Cornicabra won a bronze medal in the 2021 IOOC - International Olive Oil Competition in Canada.